Duonetic field generator

Alixus' duonetic field generator.

A duonetic field is a type of energy that prevents technology from functioning.

Natural duonetic fields can be created by astatine and farantine. (DS9 episode: "Paradise", ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

In the 2350s, Alixus found discovered a way to create an artificial duonetic field after meeting a quantum physicist at the Delta VI station who was investigating how certain types of radiation inhibited electromagnetic flow. Alixus, a proponent of Humans returning to a more basic life with no reliance on technology, would later deploy a duonetic field generator on a planet in the Orellius system. Under the auspices of travelling to Gemulon V to colonise it, Alixus had the SS Santa Maria's life support system develop problems, forcing it to land on the Orellius planet. As Alixus intended, the duonetic field prevented the ship from taking off and forced the settlers to colonize the planet without the technology they had used throughout all of their lives. In 2370, Benjamin Sisko and Miles O'Brien were also stranded on the planet by the duonetic field, until O'Brien found the generator and disabled it. (DS9 episode: "Paradise")

Jadzia Dax recorded a science log on Alixus' duonetic field that was transmitted to Starfleet Command on stardate 47577.9. (ST reference: Science Logs)

Sisko mentioned Alixus' duonetic field to Jean-Luc Picard in 2373. (TNG - Slings and Arrows eBook: Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment)

In 2375, a duonetic field was created on Maeglin as a result of the Androssi's attempt to revitalize the planet's soil. All Maegline technology was rendered inert until Jil Barnak of the USS da Vinci was able to develop a coating that could be applied to technology and block the effects of the field. (SCE eBook: Here There Be Monsters)

A duonetic field existed on the Delta Quadrant planet Nyma IV. (VOY short story: "Closure")

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