"Dwarf Planet" was a comic book story published by Gold Key Comics in 1974, their 25th issue. In this story, James T. Kirk, Spock and Nyota Uhura discover tiny people in a miniature city in the year 2266.


Miniature people under a strange sun threaten the lives of the Enterprise crew!


A landing party from the Enterprise journey to an unknown planet in Sector 199-D, via one of the starship's shuttlecraft. Captain James T. Kirk, Mister Spock and Lieutenant Uhuru are investigating radio signals from the area that indicate intelligent lifeforms. The crew land in a city which is technologically advanced. The landing crew find the city is deserted, and move to a nearby settlement, finding it to be built for smaller beings, and equally as empty. Exploring further, they find another still smaller city, less than a mile distant from the first landing site. The structures and trees of the miniature city are only waist-high. Scattered vehicles are abandoned as well…



AlataDeloImartaJames T. KirkKwyLeonard McCoyMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluNyota Uhuru

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USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • Galileo shuttlecraftaircraftautomobilecraneFara-1 rocket shipFara-3 rocket shiptruck


Sector 119-DKujalFara-1 CityFara-2 CityFara-3 City

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atmospherebeta gascircuitgermglasshorticulturalistjetmicrobemicroscopemicro-specsradiationradio signalradio energy analyzer dishscientistsensor domeshieldspacesuitsuntelescopeweapon

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  • The story celebrates Gulliver's Travels, written by Jonathan Swift in 1726. In his first voyage, Lemuel Gulliver was captured by a race of tiny, humanlike Lilliputians who secured him with ropes, the same as happened to Kirk.
  • The radiation which caused the shrinking was said to have been identified, but it was not named in the story. Similar effects were caused by spiroid epsilon waves emanating from the planet Terra 10 in TAS episode: "The Terratin Incident". Spiroid epsilon waves penetrated the shields and hull, affecting molecules with complex chains, including animal life, plant-based clothing, and dilithium crystals. The radiation in this story might be of a similar type but not as strong. Although it penetrated shields, it did not get through the hull and only affected living matter, not clothing or crystals. It also shrank people more slowly on the surface, having taken three generations to shrink people down to one foot tall. Scott shrank much more rapidly because he was in space and much closer to the source of the radiation.
  • "The Terratin Incident" first aired 17 November, 1973. This story had a publication date of July 1974, but it could have been in development prior to the TAS story or it might have been inspired by it.
  • The crew traveled to and from the surface via shuttlecraft, so there was no opportunity to learn whether the transporter could have restored shrunken matter, as it did in The Terratin Incident.
  • Scott climbed onto the Enterprise primary hull's upper sensor dome to repair its uppermost antenna. During the EVA, his foil-lined spacesuit protected him from shrinking. That suggested the easy short-term solution of covering Fara-3 City with a large sheet of foil.
  • Amplification was treated strangely in this story, as if the technology were unfamiliar to readers. The vehicles had giant microphones to pick up sound from the landing party. General Kwy wore amplifier equipment he called a "forehead device", so that his tiny voice could be heard by Kirk, yet none of the other miniature people needed them to be heard.
  • Uhura was misspelled "Uhuru".




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