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For other uses, see Dyson.
This article is about the Dyson Sphere discovered by Starfleet. You may be looking for the concept of a Dyson sphere.

The Dyson Sphere was a construct located somewhere in the Beta Quadrant, a massive sphere that was one of the first examples matching the Human scientist Freeman Dyson's postulation of a Dyson sphere, a constructed world built around a star. The inner surface is approximately 1 AU from a central star, with the entire structure being a little more than 2 AU in diameter, with a very large surface area capable of supporting life.

The USS Jenolen crashed on the surface of this Dyson Sphere in 2294. In 2369, the USS Enterprise-D discovered the Dyson Sphere and crash site. (TNG episode & novelization: Relics)

The Sphere was located in the Beta Quadrant. (DS9 reference: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual)

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