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E. Winters (born reference stardate 1/79) was a 23rd century Human, an enlisted Starfleet crewperson serving in the navigation department of the Federation starship USS Arkadelphia on stardate 2/18, under the command of Captain Ian Vellacora.

During the maiden voyage of Arkadelphia, Winters saw Captain Vellacora relieve another navigator, Dronn, after Dronn scuffled with Lieutenant Junior Grade Theloss. Winters approved of Vellacora's decision to court martial Dronn. (FASA RPG module: Decision at Midnight)

In the game statistics provided for the non-player characters, Winters had 90% as a numerical rating of loyalty to Captain Vellacora, making it unlikely that a dice roll would side Winters with mutineers and assist them in relieving the captain of command.


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