The ECS Horizon was a J-class cargo ship that was commissioned in 2102 and remained in service for over 50 years as of 2153. It was owned by the Earth Cargo Authority and commanded by Captain Paul Mayweather Jr. It had a top speed of Warp 2, a maximum hauling limit of 30,000 metric tons and two plasma cannon turrets and obsolete hull plating for defenses.

There is a rumor among engineers that Zefram Cochrane, the legendary inventor of Earth warp technology, personally autographed the inside of her warp casing. One of the people who believed it was Commander Charles Tucker III. (ENT episodes: "Fight or Flight", "Fortunate Son", "Horizon")

In 2141, the Horizon made first contact with the Deltans, and gave them the name Deltan (as they had identified themselves as coming from planet Dhei of star Lta). (ENT episode: "Bound", DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

The Horizon was destroyed in 2155 shortly after leaving the planet Sigma Iotia II, when a Romulan vessel took control of the Horizon's systems by remote. Under Romulan control, the Horizon was sent on a direct course into the Iotian sun, destroying the vessel with all hands. (ENT novel: Kobayashi Maru)


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