Echoes From the Past.


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Captain's Log. It has been two days since Starfleet stopped our shore leave on Hobson Delta II. The crew is covering up their disappointment well as we return, once again, to the edge of the Neutral Zone which the Romulans have been threatening to cross.

Romulan High Command claimed that a research team disappeared near the Neutral Zone over a month ago. As a gesture of goodwill, Starfleet offered to assist in their search, but the Romulans declined, citing security reasons. Three days ago, they asked for permission to search for their team in Federation Space. Needless to say, Starfleet refused.

Given the sensitive nature of the region, the Enterprise has been sent to monitor their search. We are currently in orbit around the star Oriens Delta, using its unusually high magnetic field to hide the Enterprise from Romulan scanners.

While the crew is unaware of our orders, most are quite capable of reading a star chart. They know where we are.

The game opens up with the USS Enterprise in orbit around Oriens Delta (Corax in Future's Past). Immediately on arrival, the ship receives a distress signal. From here, the player can choose to allocate resources to the various ship systems, browse the ship's computer database, or set course for another location.

Distress signal

Broadcast all Frequencies:

I am Dr. T'Laris, archaeologist of the United Federation of Planets. I am working at ruins on Codis Nu VI. I have just detected a Romulan ship in orbit around the planet. Repeat. Romulans have been detected at Codis Nu VI. I am in need of Starfleet assistance.

After saving the good doctor, the Enterprise has an encounter with a Romulan scout ship under the command of Sarond.

USS Enterprise. I am Commander Sarond. Our navigational system has failed. We were unaware that we had crossed into Federation Space.

After a tense stand-off, the Romulans retreat back to their territory. Shortly there after, the Enterprise receives a message from Admiral Baldwin directing them to deliver medical supplies to Oriens Alpha IV as the planet is experiencing an outbreak of Diagoran Fever. He also informs Picard of increasing Romulan movement along the Neutral Zone. On arrival to the planet, the Enterprise discovers a derelict vessel in a decaying orbit. After delivering the medical supplies and rendering assistance to the Eunacian ship, Admiral Baldwin directs the Enterprise to Oriens Gamma IIIB to rescue the miners that have become trapped there. After saving the miners, Dr. T'Laris asks them to return to Codis Nu VI.



BaldwinBeverly CrusherChanComteDataDeanna TroiDyerFfinchGandquistGeordi La ForgeHillokoJean-Luc PicardKosoyLambOngRadnyRuthSarondSeezarSmithTerplakT'LarisUnwinWilliam RikerWood
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Robert AprilChristopher PikeJames T. KirkRachel GarrettShakespeare

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise-DSS Nakatomi
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USS EnterpriseUSS Enterprise-AUSS Enterprise-BUSS Enterprise-CUSS StargazerHaatona


Codis Nu VICodis Zeta VOriens Alpha IVOriens DeltaOriens Gamma IIIBPintor Alpha VIIINeutral ZoneTytris Iota IVVerinatorVerinator Beta IIIAVerinator Delta VVerinator Gamma VIE
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Hobson Delta IIGourami sectorNarendra systemLabarreFranceEarthEuropeMarsUtopia Planitia YardsEarth Station McKinleyAntares Ship YardsSan Francisco YardsStarfleet AcademyMutara sector

Races and culturesEdit

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States and organizationsEdit

United Federation of PlanetsStarfleetRomulan Star EmpireRomulan High Command


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