Edica was a female trinae Tezwan who served in the Assembly as a member of the Gatni party.

As of 2379, Edica served as Minister of Labor and she was known for hardly ever speaking although she drafted more legislation than any other five assembly members combined.

Bilok had personally mentored Edica throughout her career which is why she was trusted enough to be invited to the Gatni war council that Bilok called where it was decided that they would attempt to overthrow Prime Minister Kinchawn and his government. The normally silent Edica finished the meeting by claiming that if Bilok gave the word, she would "assassinate that treacherous piece of filth" herself (referring to Kinchawn).

As she was traveling through the Assembly Forum, Edica was shot and (presumably) killed by an assassin sent by General Minza on the orders of Kinchawn. (TNG - A Time to... novel: A Time to Kill)

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