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This article is a stub relating to a short story or collection publishing production information. You can help our database by expanding on it.



AkreeAzanthair BaracinThe Doctor (alias Aeson) • EcramRazmadDarek RezSenni RuaalJason TabreezeMareza Tabreeze
Referenced only 
BelleGeorges BizetJeffreyKesLeeramNeelixTom ParisDanara PelJean-Luc PicardSurakGotara TebreezeTellunaAkreedor ToreliusTuvokSamantha Wildman

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS EnterpriseUSS KibalchichUSS Voyager


Akritiri prison campBoraalDocklandDrema IVEarthRomulusSigma Iotia IITahal-MeerojTrelakis homeworld

Races and culturesEdit


States and organizationsEdit

Air CommandCentral ProtectorateLakesideMountainRomulan SenateStarfleetTerrina ProtectorateUnited Federation of Planets

Other referencesEdit

aria d'agilitabaseballBizetcalendarcapital cityCaptain Protoncherusa keloChicago Mobs of the TwentieschocolateCold WarcounselorDelvokdiabetesduraniumEmergency Command Hologramemyarafreysagrumpta ballHippocratic oathhologramholomatrixholonovelkelolacunar rhontopalutebooligohydraminosPrime Directive/General Order 1protectorresaknaschkixWilliam Shakespeare • "Sky Ship" • Sky Ship Friendsstaiolstriknatachyontachyon coreTahaltemporal displacementVerasulH. G. Wells


Related StoriesEdit

Log entriesEdit


published order
Previous story:
Brief Candle
Distant Shores
Next story:
Or the Tiger
chronological order
Previous Adventure:
Blink of an Eye
Pocket Next Adventure:
I Have Broken the Prime Directive

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