The Ekorr were a sentient species of squat, hairless humanoids native to the Ekorr homeworld and Garadius IV in the Beta Quadrant. An Ekorr stood roughly 1.5 meters tall and had a flap instead of a nose. (TTN eBook: Absent Enemies)


Colonization of Garadius IVEdit

In the late 23rd century, a group of Ekorr left their homeworld in Ekorr colony ships. They settled on Garadius IV, a partially vulcaniformed class M planet and the site of a former Vulcan mining colony. The Ekorr colonists ascribed religious value to the planet and its Vulcan artifacts. They moved a heavy anvil into the Lyceum Garadius and named it the Altar of Bothmune. According to Peacebreaker Zorrayn, the artifact became the symbol of the hopes and aspirations of the Ekorr people. (TTN eBook: Absent Enemies)

Ekorr-Baladonian warEdit

Garadius IV was also colonized by a group of green-skinned Lurians, who named themselves the Baladonians after their first leader. Ekorr and Baladonians were at war ever since. Because the planet's terraforming hardware required regular maintenance, the Federation struck a deal with the warring parties - repairing the equipment while conducting peace negotations. The deal was inaugurated by Ambassador Spock when the first peace mission failed.

The planet consisted of mostly water and a single 30 kilometer long island, Sanctum Isle. Ekorr and Baladonians occupied different ends of the city. Constant warfare reduced the population from the original 800,000 to 80,000 by 2368 and fewer in 2385. The city's buildings were ruined by 2368, and except for a few buildings rubble by 2385.

The Federation starship USS Enterprise-D failed in another of the dozen peace missions, but repaired the equipment in 2368.

In November 2385, the USS Titan arrived at Garadius IV, and found only 13,000 Baladonians left and no trace of surviving Ekorr. The Breen Confederacy, represented by Thot Roje, had manipulated both planetary factions in an attempt to have them annihilate one another. The Ekorr were manipulated into phasing themselves. Roje planned to strand the Ekorr in exotic space and have the Baladonians detonate themselves with the Cauterizer bomb. The plan was foiled by Admiral William T. Riker and Titan's crew. (TTN eBook: Absent Enemies)


Riker and his crew arranged for the return of the phased Ekorr. Because they had spread across the island, unarmed Ekorr and Baladonians stood face-to-face. The risk of a battle royale was averted and the leaders of the two factions agreed to end their feud. Ekorr and Baladonians now had a common enemy in the Breen and agreed to become a Federation protectorate. (TTN eBook: Absent Enemies)

Known EkorrEdit