Isak daras

Isak (left) brandishes a stolen Ekosian pistol, in disguise as a Nazi SS trooper.

The Ekosian pistol was the primary hand-held pistol projectile weapon in use on the planet Ekos in the later 2260s decade. Because of a Prime Directive violation by Human scientist John Gill, the design of the Walther P38 pistol from Earth was used as the planform for these weapons.

While the Ekosians had been somewhat primitive, they had sufficient technology to produce numerous examples of this pistol based on the design given to them by Gill. (TOS episode: "Patterns of Force")

Unless Gill gave the Ekosians a broad range of information about actual firearms and industrial materials processes of Earth's 20th century, these pistols were probably made in a slightly different manner than the ancient weapons they were based on.


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