Elena Kemper (born 2154) was the daughter of MACO Sergeant Nelson Kemper and MACO Corporal Selma Guitierrez. She was conceived aboard the Enterprise (NX-01) during the Xindi Crisis of 2153-2154 when her parents had an affair against regulations and made love without protection. This was because Selma had been told by several different doctors that she would never have children.

Despite Selma not telling anyone, most of the MACO company with whom she worked knew about it and were waiting for her to tell the truth to Nelson, who remained unaware. Selma even thought that she could solve her problem by dying on the mission to the Xindi Mining Platform on the outskirts of the Kaletoo system. However, after Private Colin Eby, a fellow MACO and a close friend, gave his life for her and her unborn child, Selma was convinced to keep the baby and gave birth in 2154 Nelson and Selma resigned from the MACO service so they could be good parents to Elena. (ENT novels: Last Full Measure, The Good That Men Do) In 2155, they resided in Enterprise, Oregon. (ENT novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)

Elena was apparently raised, partially, by the presumed-deceased Charles Tucker III, this allowed the Kemper family to remain in the loop behind his false death in 2160 for many years. One of Elena's decendants was the world-famous Doctor Lawrence Marvick, a United Federation of Planets scientist who helped design the Constitution-class starships (again with Tucker's secret help). (ENT novels: Last Full Measure, The Good That Men Do)

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