Eliatriel was a male Dreman in the 24th century, the husband of Rakan and father of Sarjenka.

In 2369, while working in a dilithium mine, Eliatriel discovered a xurta, an explosive device left behind on Drema IV years earlier by the invading Exiles. Eliatriel called for an evacuation of the mine, and attempted to safely extract the xurta. Unfortunately, it did detonate, causing severe burns to much of Eliatriel's body, and taking off his left arm.

He was transported to Central Hospital, though there was little the Healers there could do. His daughter Sarjenka then appealed to the Starfleet doctor, Katherine Pulaski, who had arrived to help in the emergency. She had Eliatriel transferred to the medical facilities on Drema Station.

After several days of treatment, his skin had been regenerated, and he was able to leave Drema Station in a wheelchair. Pulaski also intended to devise a prosthetic arm after thoroughly studying Dreman physiology. (SCE eBook: Progress)

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