Elless was a male Phantasian in the 24th century. Circa 2366, when entrepreneur Rod Portlyn purchased the planet Phantas 61 and its mining industry, Elless was hired on as his right-hand man for operations there.

Over the following decade, Portlyn pressed the Phantasians to meet ever-increasing business goals in order to finance his growing empire, over Elless's protests. By the mid 2370s, Phantas 61 had been drained of its resources, and Portlyn developed plans to convert the planet into an interplanetary waste dumping site. At this point, Elless left Portlyn's employment and returned to Phantas 61, where he became a leader of the group Taru Bolivar, dedicated to stopping Portlyn from further exploitation of other worlds.

During his employment, Elless also became aware of Portlyn's plans to infect the soil of the farming planet Vemlar, so he could purchase the property cheaply and build an extensive industrial research complex there. Elless was able to steal documentation of Portlyn's unethical plans, but unfortunately was unable to decrypt them.

In 2376, following the bombing of one of Portlyn's facilities on Vemlar by the Taru Bolivar, Elless's brother, Jaxxon, was fatally injured. The bombing also drew the attention of the USS da Vinci to the Taru Bolivar. Elless was able to convince da Vinci chief of security Lieutenant Commander Domenica Corsi of the sincerity of his motives, and further proved himself by cooperating with Corsi and her team during a coordinated attack on both the da Vinci and Phantas 61. Elless later agreed to halt all of Taru Bolivar's terroristic actions, and turned over his documentation of Portlyn's actions to da Vinci crewmemebers Soloman and Bart Faulwell. (SCE eBook: The Art of the Deal)

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