The Empty Throne of Uzaveh, or the Throne of Secrets, was a mythic seat in the ancient Andorian liturgical text, The Liturgy of the Temple of Uzaveh.

The throne was a feature of the divine realm of Uzaveh the Infinite. It was at the end of the Path of Light, and stood empty beside the Throne of Life, on which sat Uzaveh herself. The throne represented a power outwith mortal ken or ability—its eponymous secrets—a fact made evident when in the liturgical text when it was claimed by the heroic proto-Andorian Thirishar. However knowing him unable to conquer the chair and the secrets of the world because he was not Whole, Uzaveh would instead break Thirishar into four beings.

"So Thirishar became four: Charaleas became wisdom; Zheusal became strength; Shanchen became blood; Thirizaz became passion. Together, the four are the First Kin."

Uzaveh would banish the four to the corners of the kingdom, "so far from the Thrones and utterly alone". Each gender would be given an elemental protector by Uzaveh, and she would utter to them:

"When you are Whole, as I am Whole," Uzaveh said, "then shall you return to my presence and assume your place at my side." (DS9 - Worlds of DS9 novel: Andor: Paradigm)

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