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Enab was a male Borg drone who lived in the 24th century.

He was a member of a group of individual Borg that were liberated from the Borg Collective due to the individualistic personality of Hugh. However, he and likeminded members sought a return to the hive mind of the Collective. Thus, they became rogues and captured a Klingon vessel called the Taj and began raiding Tholian Assembly space in a attempt to research the Tholian hive mind.

However, his actions attracted the attentions of the Tholians, Klingon Empire and United Federation of Planets. Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise-D managed to apprehend Enab and end his campaign in raiding the Tholians which almost resulted in a war erupting in the region. (TNG comic: "Cry Havoc")

The appearance matches that of Batman villain Bane, and his name is "Bane" spelled backward.

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