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Transporting a diplomatic party is nothing new for Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise—but this particular mission promises trouble from the start.
For one thing, the wife of the Federation ambassador on this trip is an old flame of Kirk's - and she's determined to see that they resume their romance where they left off. Of course, when another ambassador presents Kirk with three of his wives, finding time for the first romance, let alone any of his other duties, is going to prove nearly impossible.
When a diplomatic attaché is murdered, and the prime suspect is one of his crew members, Kirk begins to wish that Starfleet Command would consider using some other starship to ferry diplomatic personnel…



Yeshua ben JosefPatrick BradyCarlyChristine ChapelPavel ChekovChenDettnerFire-in-NightJacobsJohnstoneJoy-of-MorningKelowiczKethJames T. Kirkn'Gelen l'Stror KleeSrrawll KtentenLayneLaysaMarg LaytonJenavi LeftwellLeonard McCoySushila MenonJoachim MontoyaKristiann NorrisLisbeth PalmerPeretzPfeifferRamirezJanice RandMontgomery Scottk'navle s'FlenShade-in-SunCecilia SimonsSpockHikaru SuluTenaidaTiilsonk'Vlay t'StrorUhuraDevlin VreblinJanara WhitehorseYendesPaul Zayle
Referenced only 
Dalien CenaraFinneganSherlock HolmesMiranda JonesMethuselahHercule PoirotTarlevT'SlarTom WhitehorseUrsula Whitehorse

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class)
Referenced only 
USS AeolusUSS ChallengerJuan Martinez


Starbase 15
Referenced only 
AldebaranAlpha Majoris IBeystohnDelta IVEpsilon CarinaeIowaKaldornLa PazShansarStarbase 34VulcanYagra IVZebulon-ThetaZeta Pictoris IV

Races and culturesEdit

DeltanHuman (JapaneseNorth American Indian) • KaldorniVulcan
Referenced only 
AndorianBeystohnaiFendarwiKaferianOrion slave women

States and organizationsEdit

Beystohn Amalgamated League of PlanetsFederation CouncilFederation Diplomatic ServiceFederation SecurityStarfleetStarfleet AcademyUnited Worlds of the Kaldorni SystemsVulcan Academy of Science

Ranks and titlesEdit

admiralambassadorchief engineercommandercommissionercommunications officerdoctorensignfirst officerlieutenantlieutenant commandernavigatorrecords officerscience officersecurity chieftransporter chiefyeoman

Other referencesEdit

17th centuryApacheautopsyauxiliary controlbiocosmeticsboretelinbridgebrigcandlecaptain's logCerian cherrycheesecheesecakechronometercoffeecollarbonecomputerconcussionconnDeltan languagedress uniformFederation Codefelinoidfood synthesizerfruitGaelicgeologygravitygravity generatorgymhangar deckholographic projectorhydroponicsinfluenzaintercomInvitational Conference on Extreme-Energy Physics and the Fine-Scale Structure of the UniverseKentucky bourbonknifeKoorane nightstalkerlife support beltlyr'yialManifest Destinymellitusmertrovia'anmiraberrynahgrenightplumoath of celibacyobservation loungeperfumepersonal logphaserphaser riflepheromonepiratepokerPrime Directivequarantinerecreation loungerecyclerribSaurian brandyscannersehlatsickbaySwahilitapeteatelepathytransporttransportertricorderTrisopen-5tuna saladturboliftuniversal translatorvari-grav gymnasticsviewscreenwarp enginewarp factorwhipped creamwrench



  • The events of this story occur over the course of two weeks.
  • Spock only appears in the first chapter and the epilogue.


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