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For other uses, see Enterprise.

The Enterprise was a starship active in a distant future where all spacefaring cultures in the Milky Way Galaxy had been unified in one grand Federation. (ST novel: Federation)


On new stardate γ 2143.21.3 the Enterprise was sent to investigate a Preserver artifact in the void between galaxies that made itself known by subspace message after the inauguration of the new Federation. The crew determined that the object contained doorways into alternate universes, and the ship's commanding officer ordered the crew to enter the object and see what was on the other side. (ST novel: Federation)

Technical dataEdit

The Enterprise was capable of sidewarp factor 55, enabling it to leave the galaxy at great speed. (ST novel: Federation)


Warning: The following content contains spoilers for Star Trek Beyond.
Ships named Enterprise
United Kingdom of Great Britain HMS Enterprize Flag of the United Kingdom
United States of America EnterpriseCV-6CVN-65OV-101 USA52stars
United Earth XCV-330NX-01 Flag of United Earth
United Federation of Planets Declaration-classNCC-1701NCC-1701-ANCC-1701-BNCC-1701-CNCC-1701-DNCC-1701-ENCC-1701-F FederationFlag
Terran Empire (mirror universes) HMS EnterprizeNX-01NCC-1701 (alternate NCC-1701)NCC-1701-AICC-1701-DNCC-1701-ENCC-1701-F Flag of the Terran Empire
Galactic Commonwealth (mirror universe) Free Starship Enterprise Terran symbol
Federation (Kelvin timeline) Enterprise (early 23rd century)NCC-1701NCC-1701-A UFP 2260 alt
Federation (alternate futures) NCC-1701-FNCC-1701-JNCC-1701-∞Enterprise (distant future) FederationFlag
United Earth (alternate realities) UESS EnterpriseESS Enterprise Flag of United Earth
Federation (other alternate realities) FSS EnterpriseUS EnterpriseUSS EnterpriseUSV EnterpriseUSS Enterprise-E FederationFlag
Interstellar Coalition (alternate reality) ICV Enterprise
Interstellar Union
(alternate timeline)
IUES Enterprise I Ufp-emblem

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