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Introduction (blurb)Edit

Following their bestsellers Vulcan's Forge and Vulcan's Heart, Josepha Sherman and Susan Shwartz conclude their new trilogy chronicling the latter-day adventures of one of Star Trek's most beloved characters, shedding new light on his world's shocking history.

The distant past: The great ships have left war-torn Vulcan behind and, after a most arduous journey, have arrived at their destination. Two worlds become the new home of the exiles: Romulus is a verdant paradise, one much different from their desert home, while Remus is a barren wasteland, albeit one that is laden with natural resources. When Karatek and his family find themselves trapped on Remus with no hope of joining their brothers and sisters on Romulus, it sparks a conflict that leads the exiles into vicious civil war.

One year after the Dominion War: The Watraii are determined to destroy the Romulan Star Empire. Ambassador Spock is equally determined to learn their secret. With the aid of his wife Captain Saavik and the U.S.S. Alliance, his old comrades Scotty, Uhura, and Chekov, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the U.S.S. Enterprise, Spock executes a daring plan to bring about peace before the Alpha Quadrant is once again plunged into war....

The stunning conclusion to the trilogy that changes everything you thought you knew about the Vulcans and the Romulans!


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AbramsKoll AzernalCharvanekPavel ChekovDataEronaHirenJuB-ChalKaratekKoloraKovarLaratosLevakMuratikNeralVar NiebetN'LivekKell PerimJean-Luc PicardRefasRehaekWilliam T. RikerRokonikRuanekSaavikMontgomery ScottSerevanSerikSolorSpockS'taskSuhurSurakSuwarinT'AlorenT'Gara/Tara KeelT'MirekT'OlrynTomalakTorathTor'KaTuranT'VysseT'ZoraNyota UhuraChristine ValeMin Zife
Referenced only 
DathonDralathSurrin GarnTerise Haleakala-LoBruttoKovalM'retNarviatRavanokSanraSarissaSurakT'SaviaVreenak

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS AllianceIRW ConquerorDemon JusticeDragon's WrathUSS Enterprise-EIRW Honor BladeRea's Helm
Referenced only 
USS Stargazer


Gal Gath'thongKi BaratanNar-a-Lethe PrimePacificaRomulusWatraii Homeworld
Referenced only 
ErebusKorakOmarion NebulaRalatakVirinatXanitla

Races and culturesEdit

Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Imperial Romulan SenateRomulan SecurityRomulan Star EmpireSection 31StarfleetTal ShiarUnited Federation of PlanetsVulcan DefenseWatraii Hegemony

Other referencesEdit

Battle of the Omarion NebulaGates of ShiKahrKalifee v'rekorkylin'theMelia and TuribmogaiRight of Statementsehlats'gageratshavokhverteron torpedo


  • During the encounter between Tomalak's fleet and the USS Alliance, Spock talks about "Section 31", however, its spelt "Sector 31".

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