Epsilon Miranda was a star with an associated star system, located somewhere in the space of the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants. This star supported a system containing a number of planets, including fifth planet Epsilon Miranda V—the former homeworld of the Mirandan civilization.

Late in the year 2364, Epsilon Miranda unexpectedly went supernova, blasting away the surface of the Mirandan planet. Federation science had no reason to expect such an event, and the Mirandans, who did not have space travel capability, were wiped out. Two months later, in early 2365, the starship USS Enterprise-D arrived on system to investigate the unusual stellar activity of the supernova remnant—and found that the star was inexplicably building to an unprecedented second supernova burst. Investigation revealed that a species that fed on high energy levels, the Vortek, had created a neutrino dampening fusion extinguisher device and seeded the explosion in order to feed on the star's explosion. (TNG comic: "Lifesigns")