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Captain Janeway believed she commanded the only Starfleet vessel in the Delta Quadrant--until the USS Voyager came to the rescue of the USS Equinox, a battered starship besieged by a ravenging horde of extra-dimensional predators.

Helmed by Captain Rudolph Ransom, the Equinox has been trapped in the Delta Quadrant even longer than the Voyager and the ship and crew show the scars of a constant struggle to survive. But Ransom and his people are hiding something as well: a shocking secret that will ultimately pit captain against captain, starship against starship, in an explosive conflict that may cost Voyager the life of her captain!

A powerful novel based on the thrilling two-part television adventure!


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USS Voyager personnel
AyalaChakotayThe DoctorFitzpatrickKathryn JanewayHarry KimTimothy LangNeelixTom ParisRogersSeven of NineThompsonB'Elanna TorresTuvokNaomi Wildman
USS Equinox personnel
John BowlerMaxwell BurkeDorthy ChangMike FrancoMarla GilmoreNoah LessingMichaelsonJames MorrowNashRudolph RansomEdward RegisBrian SofinAngelo TassoniThompson
Referenced only 
David AmantesWilliam Yates
Other characters
CaretakerRamsesErnest ShackletonWilliam ShakespeareJosef Stalin


Delta Quadrant
Referenced only 
Alpha QuadrantCardassiaEarth (AntarcticaMcKinley Park) • Epsilon IVOmicron-IndiiStarbase 80TarkusTenkaran coast

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Ankari vesselUSS Equinox (Nova-class) • USS Voyager (Intrepid-class) • waverider
Referenced only 
Berengaria-class lab bargeBorg CubeEnduranceKlingon Bird-of-PreyRomulan warbirdrunabout

Races and culturesEdit

AnkariHumanKlingonKtariannucleogenic lifeformTalaxianVulcan
Referenced only 
BorgHirogen • Human (Roman) • MalonPoneaYridian

States and organizationsEdit

StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Borg CollectiveFederation CouncilKrowtonan GuardMaquisStarfleet Academy

Science and technologyEdit

anesthetizeantimatterantimatter injectorauditory processorAzimuthbulkheadclass 2 nebulaclaustrophobiacortical arraycortical nodedecihertzdeflector pulsedeuteriumdiagnostic beddilithiumdilithium matrixEmergency Medical HologramEPS conduitexobiologyfemurfield generatorfractalgas giantgraviton relayholodeckhyposprayimpulse engineinertial damperinjector manifoldinoculationinternal sensorinterspatial fissureion stormisogramkemocitekilometerkilotonlaser scalpellife supportlingustic bankmatter conversion technologymemory engrammercuriummetermobile emittermultiphasic chambermultiphasic force fieldmutagenic virusneural interfaceneural patternnucleogenic energynucleogenic particleneural interfaceoccipital nodeocular nodeparthogenic atmospherepelvisphaser riflephoton torpedophotonic chargeplasma injectorplasma torchpolarized hull platingpolaron gridpost-traumatic stress syndromepower corepower couplingpower relayreticular nodeself-destructsensorsensor echosensory nodeshield emittershield frequencyshield vectorsonic showersonographspinestasis chambersubmolecular resequencersynaptic stimulatorthermal blanketthermionic radiationthermographic analysisthermolytic reactiontractor beamtransport enhancertricordertriquadric algorithmturboliftuniversal translatorwarp corewarp plasma manifoldwrist beacon

Ranks and titlesEdit

admiralbiologistcaptainchief engineerchief medical officercrewmanengineerengineer's mateensignfirst officerlieutenantlieutenant commanderscholarscience officersecurity chieftactical officerterraforming engineer

Other referencesEdit

1920s29th centuryalligatoramputationastrometricsauto-initiating security gridbaconBattle of the BulgeBLT sandwichbrigbucketbulldozercheckersconfined to quarterscroutondedication plaqueDem Bonesdiarydistress callduetemergency rationethical subroutinefernintruder alertJefferies tubejunk-yardlava lamplettuceluaumedkitMy Darling Clementineolive branchorganpelicanpetaQpianopinepoetic justicepoison ivypotluckPrime Directivered alertRegelian bloodwormrescue teamRottweilersaladsandstormscalpelsecurity gridSkeleton CoastStarfleet oathStarfleet RegulationssubroutinesweatertattooTerrelian seapodtomatotorturetuning forkyellow alert


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