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Essca gullho

Es'sca G'ullho in 2371

Es'sca G'ullho was a Damiani politician in the 24th century.

Es'sca was first elected governor of planet Damiano in 2341, and served six five-year terms. Damiano joined the United Federation of Planets as Es'sca took office, and Es'sca led through a period when there was strong anti-Federation sentiment on its world. These problems were exacerbated when a prototype Federation probe, Starfly One Bioprobe, landed in the capital city Iaron, wrecking death and destruction on the city. (NF short story: "Oil and Water")

After its sixth term in office, Es'sca did not run for re-election in 2371, and was succeeded by its chief of staff, Ra'ch B'ullhy. He spoke at her inauguration, continuing to endorse her as a candidate, and passing on the Sword of Mar'na F'ullhy. After a few of the assassination attempts on B'ullhy, Je'tran T'ullh suggested that he would welcome the return of G'ullho to office on an interim basis while a new governor was elected. (TNG comic: Perchance to Dream: "To Take Arms Against a Sea of Troubles", "By a Sleep to Say We End", "In the Sleep of Death, What Dreams May Come")

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