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For other uses, see Essex.

Essex's World was a planet located near the Federation boundary with the Gorn Hegemony. It had a native humanoid population loosely organized into a united series of tribes. One of the local laws was the prohibition against selling intoxicants.

The planet was first discovered by independent trader Cyrano Jones. Jones manufactured and sold a "tonic" (later discovered to be ethiclanic alcohol) to the tribes as a health aid. When a Federation representative arrived, the alcoholic "tonic" was served and a number of injuries resulted over a simple misunderstanding. Jones soon made his escape before the local tribes could prosecute the trader.

Jones later claimed that Federation law did not apply since Essex's World was not a member planet. This incident would later be cited in a speech given by Thrandasar v'Elex of Andoria in 2286 on the subjects of planetary sovereignty and the Prime Directive. (FASA RPG module: Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update)

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