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Known space map showing Cerberus.

Eta Lupi (also known as Cerberus) is a star and star system, the location of planet Cerberus II and a Federation colony, also called Cerberus. Eta Lupi was in the portion of Federation space denoted as the Starfleet Intelligence sector 1, beyond Izar and Zeta Paor. The closest Starfleet starbase to this system was Starbase 16 in the 23rd century, although there was a Starfleet Intelligence base in the system, at Cerberus colony. (TNG episode: "Too Short a Season")

According to Starfleet Intelligence outpost maps, this system's coordinates are 6.66N 4.31W. (FASA RPG module: Star Fleet Intelligence Manual)

Federation space FASA TCMP

Federation space star map.

This system was in the general vicinity of the Antares system. (FASA RPG module: Trader Captains and Merchant Princes (1st edition))

The Federation starships USS Cerberus were named for this system.

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