Eta Serpentis is a star system, a type K orange star in the space of the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant. It was visible from Earth in the constellation of Serpens. The system included three planets and was the namesake for the Eta Serpentis sector, which it was located in. Eta Serpentis lay close to the Tzenkethi Coalition border. (ST reference: Star Charts; STO - "Season 13.5" mission: "The Tzenkethi Front")


In the 25th century, Eta Serpentis II was an inhabited planet. In the year 2411, the Alpha Quadrant Alliance constructed a Fleet Starbase-type space station in its orbit to protect the planet from Tzenkethi aggression. General Rodek was in command when the Tzenkethi Coalition targeted the planet with a trio of weapon platforms, and a fleet of starships. A five-ship task force of the Allies destroyed the stations and forced the attacking fleet into retreat. (STO - "Season 13.5" mission: "The Tzenkethi Front")

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Star chart showing Eta Serpentis.



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