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Etana Kol was a female Bajoran who served with the Bajoran Militia on board Federation starbase Deep Space 9 from the early 2370s. Etana was initially a sergeant assigned under Odo's command, and later transferred to Julian Bashir's medical staff.


Career historyEdit

In the year 2373, Etana and Rom, whom Etana always liked, rescued several women, including Rom's fiancée Leeta, from a creature living in the station's waste extraction system that lived off of female hormones. (DS9 comics: "Lwaxana Troi and the Wedding of Doom", "Four Funerals and a Wedding")

Etana later rescued the Cardassian Elim Garak from an assassin named Keytra Tosh despite her instinctive distrust of the Cardassian people. (DS9 comic: "Requiem in Obsidian")

Etana was on duty in 2376 when Bajoran First Minister Shakaar Edon was assassinated on the station's Promenade. (DS9 - Mission Gamma novel: Cathedral)

By the beginning of the year 2377, Etana, who was the field medic for her resistance cell during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, switched from security to nursing, in part to be closer to her girlfriend, Nurse Krissten Richter. She was on duty when in sickbay when the mind-controlled Taran'atar attacked and severely injured Captain Kira Nerys and Lieutenant Ro Laren. She later assisted Ro with her physical therapy during her recovery. (DS9 novels: Warpath, Fearful Symmetry)

Following the Destruction of Deep Space 9 in August 2383, Captain Ro temporarily assigned Etana and Richter to the USS Brisbane, which was one of the Starfleet starships patrolling the B'hava'el system. The transfer was shortlived for Etana though, as, in September, she was recalled to Bajoran Space Central, by Ro, to assist Dr. Bashir in a plan to uncover the identity of whoever planted the bombs on DS9. While performing a physical examination on Ensign Rahendervakell th'Shant, Bashir unmasked the thaan as the perpetrator who then attacked the doctor in an effort to excape. Etana brough th'Shant down with a phaser set to heavy stun. (Typhon Pact novel: Raise the Dawn)

Personal LifeEdit

Etana enjoyed zero gravity recreation, and beat Bashir, despite his genetic enhancements, in a low-gravity hoverball tournament. (DS9 - Mission Gamma novel: Cathedral)

Etana disliked using the transporter.[citation needed]

By 2383, Etana and Richter had married. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Plagues of Night)




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