Explored Galaxy

Explored galaxy chart.

The explored galaxy map was a star chart that demarcated regions of the galaxy that had been explored by the Federation in the 23rd and 24th centuries, viewed at an angle to the galaxy's spiral.


Captain James T. Kirk had this chart displayed in his quarters aboard the USS Enterprise-A. (TOS movie: The Undiscovered Country)

This chart was displayed at Starfleet Headquarters. (TNG episode: "Conspiracy")


States and organizations 
First FederationTholian Assembly
KlingRomulan Neutral ZoneSarpeid
Stars and systems 
AldeberanAlpha CarinaeAlpha CenturiAlpha MajorisBeta AurigaeBeta GeminorumBeta LyraeBeta NiobeBeta PortalanCapellaDenebEminiarFabrinaGamma TrianguliIngraham BOmega CygniOrionPallas 14PhylosRegulusRigelSiriusSolTalosTau Ceti
Planets and planetoids 
Alfa 177Altair VIAndorArretAriannusBabelBeneciaBerengaria VIICamus IICanopus IIIDaran VGamma Canaris NHolberg 917GJanus VIKzinLactra VIIMakus IIIMarcos XIIMarnak IVMemory AlphaMuddOmega IVOrganiaPollux IVPsi 2000Pyrix VIIRemusRomulusTheta IIIVulcan



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