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F4E23 was a Species 8472 collector bioship in the 24th century. F4E23 was in active service at points in fluidic space accessible to the galaxy around the 2370s decade. (ST video game: Armada II)

No history or fate is established for this vessel as its designation was randomly selected for a collector ship by the game software.
Species 8472 collectors
F0S13F0Y67F1A87F1F89F1M36F1N76F1Q32F2B74F2H44F3P86F4E23F4L09F4M85F4T65F5H18F5KHYF5V63F5Y10F6D20F6F54F6G88F6R53F7F84F7N76F7O98F8G65F8J54F8Z36F9G98F9M76F9M94FX9I81 Logo-species8472t

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