Fahleena III was a planet, in the Fahleena star system, in Federation space in the late 24th century. It was home to several settlements, most of which restricted the use of advanced technologies, such as phasers and transporters, except in emergencies. Fahleena III was also the location of several well-known resorts.

Fahleena III was one of the planets the Valerians would use when shipping dolamide to the Cardassians. In 2369, a Valerian ship visited Fahleena III before travelling to Deep Space 9. (DS9 episode: "Dramatis Personae")

Aldo and Ulrika Corsi moved to Fahleena III sometime after their daughter Domenica joined Starfleet. Corsi visited this home for the first time in 2376, accompanied by Fabian Stevens. (SCE eBook: Home Fires)


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