For the primary universe counterpart, see Falkar.

In the mirror universe, Falkar was a Danteri responsible for quashing a Xenexian rebellion. He killed the Xenexian warlord, D'ndai, by targeting him with an aerial bombardment. He attended D'ndai's funeral, along with a number of his personal guards. His attendance sent a message that the Danteri would no longer allow the Xenexians any independence. He spoke to D'ndai's father Gr'zy at the funeral, saying that he took no pride in D'ndai's death. At the funeral, he took M'k'n'zy as a hostage to ensure that Gr'zy would not continue his son's insurrection, giving the young Xenexian over to the Romulan praetor Hiren. He believed that Gr'zy only acquiesced because he was in shock from D'ndai's death.

Later, Falkar was brought aboard the Stinger to meet with Si Cwan and Rojan. He was informed that Hiren believed the Danteri were developing metaweapons to use against the Romulan Empire. Falkar vigorously denied the charge. Cwan instructed him to disarm the Danteri people, which Falkar considered a laughable instruction. In response, Si Cwan shot Falkar with a disruptor, causing his chest to explode.

Si Cwan informed the crew and passengers of the Stinger that Falkar was killed by Si Cwan in self-defense after murdering Rojan. (NF - Mirror Universe novel: Cutting Ties)

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