Nyota Uhura performing a fan dance on Nimbus III.

A Fan Dance is a type of dance performed with one or more fans constructed of feathers - such as ostrich feathers. While considered a traditional dance in some cultures, the dance is considered an erotic dance in other cultures.

When a fan dance is performed as an erotic dance performance, the performer is usually a woman who is either nude or appears to be so to the audience. The performer dances while moving the fans to give an illusion of exposure to the audience.

Nyota Uhura once performed a fan dance while singing "The Moon's a Window to Heaven" on Nimbus III to distract a patrol of the Galactic Army of Light so that the remainder of the USS Enterprise landing party could steal the party's horses. Uhura appeared on the top of the sane dune and begun singing in a sensuous and seductive manner. Upon seeing Uhura dancing in the moonlight, all the partol members scrambled out towards her to get a closer look. Uhura continued performing her dance as the men began climbing up the sane dune. Upon seeing her dancing legs, the entire team were almost instantly seduced. Just as they were about to reach her, Kirk and the rest of the landing party appeared from behind Uhura and pointed their phasers at the surprised men. Uhura told them "Hello boys, I've always wanted to play to a captive audience". (TOS movie: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier).

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