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Log EntriesEdit

Captain's log, Stardate 8485.3. 
We are en route to our rendezvous with the medical supply ship Nightingale, for the transfer of desperately needed medical supplies for the planet of New Brinden.
I am taking the opportunity to show new protocol officer R.J. Blaise all facets of the ship. I believe we will be able to establish a solid relationship based on mutual respect.
Personal log. 
They sent me a woman protocol officer.
There is a God.
Captain's log, supplemental. 
We have kept our rendezvous with the Nightingale and have taken aboard the cure for the sickness that is decimating New Brinden. We are proceeding at warp factor six.



AmzelR.J. BlaisePavel ChekovD'FalcoFoutonJames T. KirkKathy LiLeonard McCoyM'yraHiram RothSpockHikaru SuluKarl TomlinsonNyota UhuraWittenunnamed Brindenitesunnamed USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) personnelunnamed Federation Government personnel
Referenced only 
Ebenezer Scrooge


USS Enterprise-AUSS Nightingale



previous comic:
#4: Repercussions
Star Trek: The Original Series
(DC Comics, Series Two)
next comic:
#6: Cure All

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