The Federation Department of Defense is the executive agency of the Federation government charged with defending the UFP and its worlds and outposts from foreign aggression and domestic threats. The Federation Department of Defense is headed by the Federation Secretary of Defense. Its most important tool, of course, is the Federation Starfleet, the agency primarilly responsible for defending the Federation in times of crisis. (ST novel: Articles of the Federation)

The fictional counterpart, of course, would be a ministry of defense such as the US Department of Defense. Whether or not Starfleet is actually a division of the Federation Def. Dept. (in the same way that, for instance, the US Navy is of the US Def. Dept.) is unknown, though it seems odd for the agency primarilly responsible for defending the UFP to be part of another executive department. The possibility exists that Starfleet operates under joint executive departments' authority, however.
Executive departments and cabinet-level agencies of the United Federation of Planets
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independent cabinet-level agency: Office of the Federation Security Advisor


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