The Federation Institute for Paranormal Aptitude (FIPA) was an institution and body within the United Federation of Planets that monitored the development of psionics amongst the member races of the Federation. It was stationed at Terra in North California where it was based at the foot of Mount Shasta. However, it also included branches and offices on major Federation worlds such as Andor, Alpha Centauri IV, and Bolarus IX

It was created to aid and help those with such abilities in order for them to cope with their powers. The staff of the Institute included members of psionic races, such as Vulcans, Betazoids, and Napeans. Programs run by this institution taught those with psionic talents how to use their abilities and to learn new abilities. In addition, it was responsible for teaching students to respect the mental privacy of other beings.

Induction involved a test, which any individual could take part in. Positive results lead to the person either attending classes or being taught in special classes at more convenient locations. Many of the students that joined FIPA where young, due to the fact that their psionic abilities often manifested during early adolescence. Despite this, there were noted cases where more older individuals joined the Institute due to the late development of their abilities. A number of psionic individuals were also known to attend classes at FIPA in order to learn difficult-to-master abilities, while others came to the institution to seek treatment for maladies related to psionic phenomena. (Last Unicorn RPG module: Star Trek: The Next Generation Player's Guide‎)

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