Federation Life Magazine was periodical literature, a magazine in circulation throughout the Federation.


In the year 2267, an issue included an article entitled "Igrilan, the Eagle, and the Future of Andorians in Starfleet". (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Andorians: Among the Clans)

Andorians are, broadly speaking, less concerned with privacy than many Federation species. Andorians are most comfortable in close-knit groups, surrounded by friends, family, and coworkers. On their homeworld, there is often little separation between the three, and Andorian society can easily be broken down into overlapping "social circles" that each, to some extent, comprise an "extended family" for their members.
A typical Andorian's sense of self-worth and happiness is tied closely to his role in his work, his reputation as a member of his clan, his value to his neighborhood or administrative district, and the quality of his marriage. Andorians have an innate suspicion of very private people (and species) that Andorians in Starfleet, in particular, must sometimes work hard to put behind them. Andorian believe that a social existence, a sense of the communal impact of every decision, is essential to both a realistic perspective and the pursuit of personal success. Somebody that a human would consider "antisocial" an Andorian might consider positively sociopathic! This isn't to say that Andorians are less individual than humans or Vulcans. In fact, they are passionately individualistic (in some cases almost neurotically so), putting as much value on identity as they do on community. An ideal Andorian is ambitious, creative, skilled and accomplished-for the good of his many communities as much as for his personal pride and honor.


Presumably based off of the present day LIFE magazine.

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