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In the 2260s, the style of uniforms were changed slightly to introduce a new variety of colors into the uniform. Instead of the dull mustard, gray, and blue colors of the 2250s, the three separate divisions were given the bright colors of blue, red, and gold.

cadet's uniform
(sleeve insignia)
cadets, all divisions low visibility
(all divisions)
general wear
2240s cadet sleeve[2] 2260s lv sleeve[3]
junior cadet[4] 2260s junior cadet[2][4] 2260s lv jrcadet[3][4]
midshipman[4] 2260s midshipman[2][4] 2260s lv mid[3][4]
enlisted uniform
(shoulder insignia)
command division[5] operations division[6] sciences division[7] low visibility
(all divisions)
general wear/crewman recruit[1] 2250s conn sleeve[8]
2260s conn shoulder[4]
2250s cmd green sleeve[9]
2260s conn green shoulder[4]
2260s ops sleeve[10]
2260s ops shoulder[4]
2250s ops sleeve[11]
2260s ops beige shoulder[4]
2250s sci sleeve[12]
2260s sci shoulder[4]
2260s lv sleeve[3]
2260s lv shoulder[4]
crewman 2nd class[4] 2260s conn crew2[4] 2260s conn green crew2[4][9] 2260s ops crew2[4] 2260s ops beige crew2[4][11] 2260s sci crew2[4] 2260s lv crew2[4][3]
crewman 1st class[4] 2260s conn crew1[4] 2260s conn green crew1[4][9] 2260s ops crew1[4] 2260s ops beige crew1[4][11] 2260s sci crew1[4] 2260s lv crew1[4][3]
petty officer 2nd class[4] 2260s conn po2[4] 2260s conn green po2[4][9] 2260s ops po2[4] 2260s ops beige po2[4][11] 2260s sci po2[4] 2260s lv po2[4][3]
petty officer 1st class[4] 2260s conn po1[4] 2260s conn green po1[4][9] 2260s ops po1[4] 2260s ops beige po1[4][11] 2260s sci po1[4] 2260s lv po1[4][3]
chief petty officer[4] 2260s conn cpo[4] 2260s conn green cpo[4][9] 2260s ops cpo[4] 2260s ops beige cpo[4][11] 2260s sci cpo[4] 2260s lv cpo[4][3]
senior chief petty officer[4] 2260s conn scpo[4] 2260s conn green scpo[4][9] 2260s ops scpo[4] 2260s ops beige scpo[4][11] 2260s sci scpo[4] 2260s lv scpo[4][3]
master chief petty officer[4] 2260s conn mcpo[4] 2260s conn green mcpo[4][9] 2260s ops mcpo[4] 2260s ops beige mcpo[4][11] 2260s sci mcpo[4] 2260s lv mcpo[4][3]
warrant officer's uniform
(sleeve insignia)
command division[5] operations division[6] sciences division[7] low visibility
(all divisions)
warrant officer[4] 2260s cmd wo[4] 2260s cmd wo green[4][9] 2260s ops wo[4] 2260s ops wo beige[4][11] 2260s sci wo[4] 2260s wo[3][4]
chief warrant officer[4] 2260s cmd cwo[4] 2260s cmd cwo green[4][9] 2260s ops cwo[4] 2260s ops cwo beige[4][11] 2260s sci cwo[4] 2260s cwo[3][4]
officer's uniform
(sleeve insignia)
command division[5] operations division[6] sciences division[7] low visibility
(all divisions)
ensign/general wear[1] 2250s conn sleeve[8] 2250s cmd green sleeve[9] 2260s ops sleeve[10] 2250s ops sleeve[11] 2250s sci sleeve[12] 2260s lv sleeve[3]
lieutenant junior grade[1] Yel Lt jg 2266 2260s cmd green ltjg[9] Red Lt jg 2266 2260s cmd beige ltjg[11] Blu Lt jg 2266 2260s ltjg[3]
lieutenant[1] Yel Lt 2266 2260s cmd green lt[9] Red Lt 2266 2260s cmd beige lt[11] Blu Lt 2266 2260s lt[3]
lieutenant commander[1] Yel Lt Cmdr 2266 2260s cmd green ltcmdr[9] Red Lt Cmdr 2266 2260s cmd beige ltcmdr[11] Blu Lt Cmdr 2266 2260s ltcmdr[3]
commander[1] Yel Cmdr 2266 2260s cmd green cmdr[9] Red Cmdr 2266 2260s cmd beige cmdr[11] Blu Cmdr 2266 2260s cmdr[3]
captain[1] Yel Capt 2266 2260s cmd green capt[9] Red Capt 2266 2260s cmd beige capt[11] Blu Capt 2266[13] 2260s capt[3]
fleet captain/vice commodore Yel Flt Capt 2266 2260s cmd green fcapt[9] 2260s fcapt
flag officer's uniform
(sleeve insignia)
command division operations division sciences division low visibility
(all divisions)
admiral grade insignia[14] 2260s cmd gold flag 2260s cmd green flag[9] 2260s ops red flag 2260s ops beige flag[11] 2260s sci flag 2260s flag lv[3]
commodore/one star admiral[1] Yel Comm 2266 2260s cmd green cdore[9] Red Comm 2266 2260s cmd beige cdore[11] Blu Comm 2266 2260s cdore[3]
rear admiral Yel RAdm 2266 2260s cmd green radm[9] Red RAdm 2266 2260s cmd beige radm[11] Blu RAdm 2266 2260s radm[3]
vice admiral[1] Yel Vce Adm 2266 2260s cmd green vadm[9] Red Vce Adm 2266 2260s cmd beige vadm[11] Blu Vce Adm 2266 2260s vadm[3]
four star admiral Yel Adm 2266 2260s cmd green adm[9] Red Adm 2266 2260s cmd beige adm[11] Blu Adm 2266 2260s adm[3]
fleet admiral Yel Flt Adm 2266 2260s cmd green fadm[9] 2260s fadm[3]


Rank starfleet alternate 2260s command captain sleeve

Alternate Kirk's insignia.

In one alternate reality, a version of James T. Kirk existed, serving in Starfleet with a variant uniform from the standard universe. Kirk's boots, pants and collar were umber instead of black, and his tunic division color was purple. The doppelganger's insignia as captain was identical to the real Kirk's. (TOS comic: "The Choice")

Federation Starfleet rank eras
Ufp-emblem 2160s2230s2240s-2260s2260s2270s2278-2350s2350s-2360s2360s-2370s2370s-2380s2386-2400s29th centuryalternate histories: alternate reality 2250salternate reality 2390s/2400s Starfleet Command logo
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