The Federation Starfleet instituted a rank insignia system for uniform wear in the early 2350s decade. The Starfleet uniforms in the preceding years had used pins for rank insignia placed on the shoulder lapel and sleeves of the various styles. In the 2350s issue, a series of circular pips were primarily used for officer ranks, usually on the collar of many of the uniforms. A variety of other insignia were placed on the collar, lapel or sleeves for enlisted personnel, cadets and trainees.

cadet's uniform
command division operations division sciences division general wear
(all divisions)
general wear/enlisted/trainee 2350s cmd cadet basic[1]

Red Cadet1 2364[2]

2350s ops cadet basic[3]

Yel Cadet1 2364[1]

2350s sci cadet basic[1]

Blu Cadet1 2364[1]

2350s gray crew[4]

2350s gray cadet basic[5]

first-year cadet Red Cadet2 2364[6] Yel Cadet2 2364[1] Blu Cadet2 2364[1] 2350s gray cadet yr1[1]
second-year cadet Red Cadet3 2364[7] Yel Cadet3 2364[1] Blu Cadet3 2364[1] 2350s gray cadet yr2[1]
third-year cadet Red Cadet4 2364[8] Yel Cadet4 2364[1] Blu Cadet4 2364[1] 2350s gray cadet yr3[1]
fourth-year cadet Red Cadet5 2364[2] Yel Cadet5 2364[1] Blu Cadet5 2364[1] 2350s gray cadet yr4[1]
midshipman[9] 2350s cmd mid[9] 2350s ops mid[9] 2350s sci mid[9] 2350s gray mid[9]
command division operations division sciences division general wear
(all divisions)
general wear/basic crewman 2350s cmd basic 2350s ops basic 2350s sci basic 2350s gray crew[4]
specialist third class[10] 2350s cmd spec3[10] 2350s ops spec3[10] 2350s sci spec3[10] 2350s gray spec3[10]
specialist second class[10] 2350s cmd spec2[10] 2350s ops spec2[10] 2350s sci spec2[10] 2350s gray spec2[10]
specialist first class[10] 2350s cmd spec1[10] 2350s ops spec1[10] 2350s sci spec1[10] 2350s gray spec1[10]
chief specialist[10] 2350s cmd cspec[10] 2350s ops cspec[10] 2350s sci cspec[10] 2350s gray cspec[10]
petty officer[10] 2350s cmd po[10] 2350s ops po[10] 2350s sci po[10] 2350s gray po[10]
petty officer first class[10] 2350s cmd po1[10] 2350s ops po1[10] 2350s sci po1[10] 2350s gray po1[10]
petty officer[10] 2350s cmd cpo[10] 2350s ops cpo[10] 2350s sci cpo[10] 2350s gray cpo[10]
senior chiefs 2350s cmd chief[1] 2350s ops chief[1] 2350s sci chief[11] 2350s gray chief[1]
warrant officers
command division operations division sciences division general wear
(all divisions)
warrant officer[10] 2350s cmd wo[10] 2350s ops wo[10] 2350s sci wo[10] 2350s gray wo[10]
warrant officer first class[10] 2350s cmd wo1[10] 2350s ops wo1[10] 2350s sci wo1[10] 2350s gray wo1[10]
master warrant officer[10] 2350s cmd mwo[10] 2350s ops mwo[10] 2350s sci mwo[10] 2350s gray mwo[10]
chief warrant officer[12] 2350s cmd chief[12] 2350s ops chief[12] 2350s sci chief[12] 2350s gray chief[12]
command division operations division sciences division general wear
(all divisions)
ensign junior grade[10] 2350s cmd ensjg[10] 2350s ops ensjg[10] 2350s sci ensjg[10] 2350s gray ensjg[10]
ensign 2350s cmd ens 2350s-2360s ops ens 2350s sci ens 2350s gray ens[1]
lieutenant junior grade 2350s cmd ltjg[13] 2350s-2360s ops ltjg 2350s sci ltjg 2350s gray ltjg
lieutenant 2350s cmd lt 2350s-2360s ops lt[14] 2350s sci lt 2350s gray lt
lieutenant commander 2350s cmd ltcmdr 2350s ops ltcmdr[15] 2350s sci ltcmdr[16] 2350s gray lt cmdr
commander 2350s cmd cmdr[17] 2350s ops cmdr 2350s sci cmdr[18] 2350s gray cmdr
captain 2350s-2360s command capt[19] 2350s ops capt[1] 2350s sci capt[1] 2350s gray capt[20]
fleet captain[10] 2350s cmd fcapt 2350s gray fcapt
commodore[10] 2350s cmd cdore 2350s ops cdore 2350s sci cdore 2350s gray cdore
flag officers (duty tunic)
command division operations division sciences division
one star admiral 2350s-2360s 1adm[21] 2350s-2360s 1adm ops s1 2350s-2360s 1adm sci s1
rear admiral 2350s-2360s radm[22] 2350s-2360s radm ops s1 2350s-2360s radm sci s1
vice admiral 2350s-2360s vadm[23] 2350s-2360s vadm ops s1 2350s-2360s vadm sci s1
four star admiral 2350s-2360s 4adm 2350s-2360s 4adm ops s1 2350s-2360s 4adm sci s1
fleet admiral 2350s-2360s fadm
flag officers (service tunic)
command division operations division sciences division
one star admiral 2350s-2360s cmd 1adm alt 2350s-2360s ops 1adm alt 2350s-2360s sci 1adm alt
rear admiral 2350s-2360s cmd radm alt 2350s-2360s ops radm alt 2350s-2360s sci radm alt
vice admiral 2350s-2360s cmd vadm alt[24] 2350s-2360s ops vadm alt 2350s-2360s sci vadm alt
four star admiral 2350s-2360s cmd 4adm alt 2350s-2360s ops 4adm alt 2350s-2360s sci 4adm alt
fleet admiral 2350s-2360s cmd fadm alt[25]
flag officers (service jacket)
command division operations division sciences division
one star admiral 2350s-2360s cmd 1adm 2350s-2360s ops 1adm 2350s-2360s sci 1adm
rear admiral 2350s-2360s cmd radm 2350s-2360s ops radm 2350s-2360s sci radm
vice admiral 2350s-2360s cmd vadm[26] 2350s-2360s ops vadm 2350s-2360s sci vadm
four star admiral 2350s-2360s cmd 4adm 2350s-2360s ops 4adm 2350s-2360s sci 4adm
fleet admiral 2350s-2360s cmd fadm
Federation Starfleet rank eras
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See also: Federation Starfleet ranksUnited Earth Starfleet ranksMACO ranks


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