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In 2373, the standard Starfleet uniform was once again modified, which maintained the same overall division colors and the format of the previous issue's utility variant, but was altered so that the division color would be displayed on the turtleneck and the gray on the shoulders. The division colors were also displayed on each wrist by a colored loop. (TNG movie: Star Trek: First Contact; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Star Trek: Voyager)

All rank insignia were worn on the collar.

cadet's uniform
command division operations division sciences division
general wear/enlisted/trainee 2370s cmd cadet basic[1] 2370s ops cadet basic[2] 2370s sci cadet basic[1]
first-year cadet Red Cadet2 2373[1] Yel Cadet2 2373[1] Blu Cadet2 2373[1]
second-year cadet Red Cadet3 2373[1] Yel Cadet3 2373[1] Blu Cadet3 2373[1]
third-year cadet Red Cadet4 2373[1] Yel Cadet4 2373[1] Blu Cadet4 2373[1]
fourth-year cadet Red Cadet5 2373[1] Yel Cadet5 2373[1] Blu Cadet5 2373[3]
command division operations division sciences division
general wear/basic crewman 2370s cmd basic[1] 2370s ops basic[4] 2370s sci basic[5]
petty officer, third class Red Petty3rd 2373[6] Yel Petty3rd 2373[6] Blu Petty3rd 2373[6]
petty officer, second class Red Petty2nd 2373[6] Yel Petty2nd 2373[6] Blu Petty2nd 2373[6]
petty officer first class Red Petty1st 2373[6] Yel Petty1st 2373[6] Blu Petty1st 2373[6]
chief petty officer Red Ch Petty 2373[6] Yel Ch Petty 2373[6] Blu Ch Petty 2373[6]
senior chief petty officer Red SenCh Petty 2373[1] Yel SenCh Petty 2373[7] Blu SenCh Petty 2373[1]
master chief petty officer Red MastCh Petty 2373[6] Yel MastCh Petty 2373[6] Blu MastCh Petty 2373[6]
officers (duty uniform)
command division operations division sciences division
midshipman/ensign junior grade 2370s cmd mid[1] 2370s ops mid[8] 2370s sci mid[1]
ensign 2370s cmd ens[1] Yel Ens 2373[9] 2370s sci ens[1]
lieutenant junior grade 2370s cmd ltjg[1] Yel Lt jg 2373[10] 2370s sci ltjg[11]
lieutenant 2370s cmd lt[12] Yel Lt 2373[13] 2370s sci lt[14]
lieutenant commander 2370s cmd ltcmdr[15] Yel Lt Cmdr 2373[16] 2370s sci ltcmdr[17]
commander 2370s cmd cmdr[18] Yel Cmdr 2373[1] 2370s sci cmdr[19]
captain 2370s cmd capt[20] Yel Capt 2373[1] 2370s sci capt[1]
deputy director 2370s cmd dd[21] 2370s ops dd[1] 2370s sci dd[1]
officers (dress uniform)
command division operations division sciences division
ensign 2370s cmd ens dress[1] 2370s ops ens dress[22] 2370s sci ens dress[1]
lieutenant junior grade 2370s cmd ltjg dress[1] 2370s ops ltjg dress[1] 2370s sci ltjg dress[1]
lieutenant 2370s cmd lt dress[1] 2370s ops lt dress[1] 2370s sci lt dress[23]
lieutenant commander 2370s cmd lcdr dress[1] 2370s ops lcdr dress[24] 2370s sci lcdr dress[25]
commander 2370s cmd cmdr dress[26] 2370s ops cmdr dress[1] 2370s sci cmdr dress[1]
captain 2370s cmd capt dress[27] 2370s ops capt dress[1] 2370s sci capt dress[1]
flag officers (duty uniform)
command division operations division sciences division
one star admiral[28] Red RAdmLow 2373[29] Yel RAdmLow 2373[1] Blu RAdmLow 2373[1]
rear admiral Red RAdmUp 2373[30] Yel RAdmUp 2373[1] Blu RAdmUp 2373[1]
vice admiral Red Vce Adm 2373[31] Yel Vce Adm 2373[1] Blu Vce Adm 2373[1]
admiral Red Adm 2373[32] Yel Adm 2373[1] Blu Adm 2373[1]
fleet admiral Red Flt Adm 2373[1]
flag officers (dress uniform)
command division operations division sciences division
one star admiral[28] 2370s cmd 1adm dress[1] 2370s ops 1adm dress[1] 2370s sci 1adm dress[1]
rear admiral 2370s cmd radm dress[1] 2370s ops radm dress[1] 2370s sci radm dress[1]
vice admiral 2370s cmd vadm dress[33] 2370s ops vadm dress[1] 2370s sci vadm dress[1]
four star admiral 2370s cmd 4adm dress[1] 2370s ops 4adm dress[1] 2370s sci 4adm dress[1]
fleet admiral 2370s cmd fadm dress[1]


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