In an alternate reality that was created by Nero's time travel to the year 2233, the Federation Starfleet's evolution was changed. A number of different uniforms were in use in the 2250s, with rank insignia that were similar to, but not identical to, the unchanged reality. (TOS movie: Star Trek) By the end of 2262, the style of the uniform had changed but the rank insignia remained the same.

Rank chartEdit

grade collar and sleeve insignia epaulet insignia
command division operations division sciences division general wear
cadet 2250s alt cadet collar[1]
ensign 2250s alt cmd basic[2] 2250s alt ops basic[3] 2250s alt sci basic[4] 2230s gray[5] 2250s alt ep jr ofc[6]
lieutenant 2250s alt cmd lt[7] 2250s alt ops lt[4] 2250s alt sci lt[4] Sec lt 2160s[8]
2250s alt ep ofc[9]
lieutenant commander 2250s alt cmd ltcmdr[4] 2250s alt ops ltcmdr[10] 2250s alt sci ltcmdr[11] Sec ltcmr 2160s[12]
commander 2250s alt cmd cmdr[4] 2250s alt ops cmdr[4] 2250s alt sci cmdr[13] Sec cmr 2160s[14] 2250s alt ep cmdr[15]
captain 2250s alt cmd capt[16] 2250s alt ops capt[4] 2250s alt sci capt[4] Sec capt 2160s[17] 2250s alt ep capt[18]
commodore 2250s alt cmd cdore[19] 2250s alt ops cdore[4] 2250s alt sci cdore[4] 2250s alt cdore[4]
2250s alt ep adm[20]
admiral 2250s alt adm[21]
fleet admiral 2250s alt ep fadm[22]



Federation Starfleet rank eras
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