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For the mirror universe counterpart, see Terran Empire starships or Galactic Commonwealth starships.

Lists of Federation starships.

To view simpler, automatically alphabetized lists, please reference the category:Federation starships.


Alphabetical lists of Federation starships
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starships by state
Ufp-emblem starships of the Federation Klingon Empire starships of the Klingon Empire
RomulanEmblem starships of the Romulan Star Empire CardassianUnion starships of the Cardassian Union
FerengiAlliance starships of the Ferengi Alliance BreenConfederacy starships of the Breen Confederacy
Borg starships of the Borg Collective AndorianEmblem starships of the Andorian Empire
Terran Empire Logo starships of the Terran Empire Romulan Republic starships of the Romulan Republic
Tholian Assem logo 01 starships of the Tholian Assembly

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