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This page contains a list of Federation starships beginning with the letter Q, ordered alphabetically by their name.

To view a simpler, automatically alphabetized list, please reference the category:Federation starships.
Starships by state
Ufp-emblem Starships of the Federation Klingon Empire Starships of the Klingon Empire
RomulanEmblem Starships of the Romulan Star Empire CardassianUnion Starships of the Cardassian Union
FerengiAlliance Starships of the Ferengi Alliance BreenConfederacy Starships of the Breen Confederacy
Borg Starships of the Borg Collective AndorianEmblem Starships of the Andorian Empire
Terran Empire Logo Starships of the Terran Empire Romulan Republic Starships of the Romulan Republic
Tholian Assem logo 01 Starships of the Tholian Assembly


ship name registry class type
USS Qizan NCC-1775 Constitution-class (mk III/mk IXB Achernar-subclass) class I heavy cruiser
USS Qual'at NCC-1776 Constitution-class (mk III/mk IXB Achernar-subclass) class I heavy cruiser
USS Quantico Iwo Jima-class assault ship
USS Quasar NCC-72369 Nova-class heavy scout
USS Que Dane NCC-2791 Loknar-class (mk IV) class IX frigate
USS Québec London-class troop transport
USS Quiberon Ambassador-class light cruiser
USS Quiberon NCC-60011 Moscow-class class IX scout
USS Quillon Defiant-class heavy escort/destroyer
USS Quindar NCC-1736 Constitution-class (mk III/mk IXB Achernar-subclass) class I heavy cruiser
USS Quintillus NCC-590 Hermes-class (mk VII) class I scout
USS Quirinal Vesta-class multi-mission explorer
USS Qunitaus Gall NCC-9021 Paine-class class IX frigate


Alphabetical lists of Federation starships
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