Fennim was a humanoid male who lived in the Delta Quadrant in the 24th century and was a member of the Think Tank. He was the only other humanoid of the group besides Kurros. His species' speech patterns were drastically different from most humanoids, and the universal translator utilized by the crew of the USS Voyager was inadequate in translating his language. He communicated with his fellow group members with the use of a device on their ship that allowed them to communicate telepathically.

Some of his duties were to greet those interested in seeking help from the Think Tank and introduce them to Kurros. He assisted Kurros in the plot to retrieve Seven of Nine and enlist her in the Think Tank.

When Tuvok transmitted a carrier wave to disrupt the Think Tank's telepathic link so the Hazari could attack their ship, Fennim was unable to communicate with Kurros. (VOY episode: "Think Tank")

It is unknown if Fennim survived the attack by the Hazari.

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