Fire with Fire (German Feuer gegen Feuer) is a Star Trek: Prometheus novel co-written by Christian Humberg and Bernd Perplies, released in July 2016 in The German language; the English translation started appearing in bookstores on November 22, 2017. It is the first book in the series.


Nahe der Grenze zum Klingonischen Reich ereignen sich mehrere brutale Terroranschläge, die Tausende von Toten fordern.
Wer steckt hinter den Angriffen? Sind es Fanatiker aus dem fremdartigen Volk der Renao, das im benachbarten Lembatta-Cluster siedelt? Oder hat der zwielichtige Typhon-Pakt seine Finger im Spiel? Die Sternenflotte entsendet die U.S.S. Prometheus, ihr kampfstärkstes Schiff, in die Grenzregion, um das Rätsel zu lösen, bevor der nächste Krieg in der Galaxis ausbricht.

English version:

A mysterious terrorist organization has carried out several attacks against the Federation and Klingon Empire. Tensions are running high in a region already crippled by conflict. The perpetrators are tracked to the Lembatta Cluster, a mysterious region of space whose inhabitants, the Renao, regard the Alpha Quadrant's powers as little more than conquering tyrants. The Federation are desperate to prevent more bloodshed, and so have sent their flagship, the U.S.S. Prometheus, into the Cluster to investigate the threat before all-consuming war breaks out.



Richard AdamsSarita CarsonGreen

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Aventine (Vesta-class) • USS Bohr (Merian-class) • IKS Bortas (Vor'cha-class) • USS Prometheus (Prometheus-class) • USS Valiant (Constitution-class)


Deep Space 9 (II) (Frontier-class) • Earth (Palais de la Concorde, Paris) • KorinarLembatta ClusterLembatta PrimeMilky Way GalaxyOnferinQo'noS (Great Hall, First City) • Romulus (Ki Baratan) • Starbase 91 (Watchtower-class) • Tika 4b

Races and culturesEdit


States and organizationsEdit

Klingon EmpireStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

Science and technologyEdit

alienenergyhumanoidlifeformmatterspacestarstar systemstarbasestarshiptimeuniverse

Ranks and titlesEdit

captainFederation Starfleet ranksFederation Starfleet ranks (2370s-2380s)Klingon ranks

Other referencesEdit

clothingfirst contactfleetgovernmenthistoryhomeworldnation-stateplanetpoliticsPurifying Flamequadrantraces and culturesrankStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2373-2386)technologytitleuniformweaponyear


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