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A political map of the sector blocks in the Federation sphere of influence in the Alpha, Beta and Delta Quadrants as of 2410. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)


All Milky Way Galaxy.

Alpha Quadrant locations:
Alpha Trianguli sector block
Algira sector (Betreka Nebula), Almatha sector (Betreka Nebula, Trivas system, Empok Nor), (Dorvan sector (Minos Korva system)
Beta Ursae sector block
Cardassia sector (Cardassia sysem, Badlands), Bajor sector (Bajor, Deep Space 9, Rolor Nebula), Kalandra sector)
Zeta Andromedae sector block
Arawath sector (Arawath system, Zenas Expanse), Kora sector, Orias sector (Orias system), Vanden sector (Zenas Expanse)
Orellius sector block
Deferi sector (Defera sytem), Raveh sector (Raveh system)
Beta Quadrant locations:
Sirius sector block
Vulcan sector (Earth Spacedock, Delta Volanis Cluster, Vulcan), Orion sector (Lackey), Risa sector (Risa, Gamma Orionis Transwarp Gate)
Regulus sector block
Argelius sector (Argelius), Celes sector (Arucanis Arm, Regulus system), Kassae sector (Briar Patch)
Pi Canis sector block
Xarantine sector (Hromi Cluster), Hromi sector (Hromi Cluster), Mempa sector (H'atoria system)
Eta Eridani sector block
Aldebaran sector (Deep Space K-7), Donatu sector (Drozana Station, Donatu sytem), Archanis sector (Ganalda system)
Omega Leonis sector block
Qo'noS sector (Gamma Orionis Transwarp Gate, Qo'noS, T'Ong Nebula), Qu'Vat sector (Rura Penthe, D'kel Star Cluster), B'Moth sector (Azlesa Expanse, Eridon Nebula)
Gamma Orionis sector block
Cestus sector (Battle Group Omega), Bellatrix sector (Mutara Nebula), Mutara sector (B'Tran Cluster), Galdonterre sector (NGC-4447)
Pelia sector (Kuda system)
Iota Pavonis sector block
Bolarus sector, Devron sector (Hobus), Tarod sector (Romulus, Eridan Belt, Great Bloom), Z-6 sector (Eridan Belt, Iconia)
Alpha Centauri sector block
Teneebia sector (Memory Alpha), Sierra sector (Starbase 39-Sierra), Vendor sector (Aelas, Khazan Cluster)
Psi Velorum sector block
Hyralan sector (Rator), Onias sector (Cirini Prime), Mylasa sector (Afehirr Nebula)
Tau Dewa sector block
Azure sector (Iconian gateway, Khitomer, Azure Nebula), Nimbus sector (Nimbus, New Romulus), Narendra sector (Narendra)
Delta Quadrant locations:
Solanae Dyson Sphere
Vyntadi sector block
Syllerran sector (Nekrit Expanse, Argala, Northwest Passage), Alsuran sector (Jenolan Dyson Sphere), Kotaba sector (Kobali Prime, New Talax, Void)
Tekara sector block
Devore sector (Nel Shadeen, Nular), Markonia sector (Rivos, Vaadwaur system), Yontasa sector (Turei system, Hodos)
Gamma Quadrant

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