Finagle's Folly is an alcoholic beverage that is dark green in color.

Leonard McCoy once claimed he made a Finagle's Folly that was known "from here to Orion". McCoy and James T. Kirk drank Finagle's Follies that were prepared by McCoy in 2268. (TOS episode: "The Ultimate Computer", TOS - Crucible novel: The Star to Every Wandering)

Julian Bashir ordered a Finagle's Folly in Quark's in 2372 that Quark prepared himself. Jadzia Dax ordered a Finagle's Folly after turning down tequila and kiriliona. (DS9 novel: The 34th Rule)

Quark served a Finagle's Folly to Jeannette Chao in 2383. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Plagues of Night)

Bashir ordered a Finagle's Folly from Quark's bar in Aljuli. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Raise the Dawn)

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