The Star Trek CCG First Anthology was released by Decipher in June of 1997. The set contained several pre-released Star Trek CCG products, as well as some new, in a box that was ideally sized for storing cards. Each Anthology set came with two 1995 (beta) Premiere starter decks and two booster packs from the same release, as well as two booster packs each from the Alternate Universe and Q-Continuum expansions. Each set also included a Warp Pack, a pamphlet with current gameplay rulings, and a $10 Door to the Fajo Collection coupon.

The highlight of the set was a plastic-wrapped set of six new white-border "previews" of cards to be released in later expansions, introducing the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager properties, which Decipher had recently acquired. The set was also the debut of the Cardassian and Ferengi affiliations.

Preview CardsEdit

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine previews

Star Trek: Voyager previews

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