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Long ago, even before the days of myth and legend, our worlds belonged to them. Now they want them back....

Captain Kirk is stunned when the Federation receives an urgent plea for help - from the Klingon Empire. A mysterious starship has invaded Klingon space and resisted all their efforts to destroy it. Establishing contact with the stranger's ship, Kirk discovers that it is only the vanguard of a vast alien fleet obsessed with conquering the Klingons, the Federation, the Romulans, and all who dwell in the space that was once their own.

The Invasion has begun....


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AeshAmanda AltoJosh AltoAragorAraluBannonBarnesBrownByersCantoneChristine ChapelPavel ChekovDonnierDoyleDuntonEdwardsElliottFarneFulcieroGaramanusGiottoAngela GodinezHadleyHakkerHorgJohnsonKargKarnKellenJames T. KirkKyleManannLeonard McCoyMellendezMorienMurshaNordstromRekRhodRossRuhlMontgomery ScottSpockEric StaaltenburgHikaru SuluKeiko TamuraUhuraUrbackWilsonZennor
Referenced only 
Benjamin FranklinKodosSarekZdunic

Starships and vehiclesEdit

ColumbiaUSS EnterpriseGalileoUSS Great LakesIKS JadaIKS MatHa'IKS QulRathIKS Shukar


Capella IVKgha'lughSector 937Uri Taug
Referenced only 
AllowayAlpha CentauriKlingon Neutral Zone

Races and culturesEdit

Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Klingon EmpireKlingon High CommandStarfleetStarfleet CommandUnited Federation of Planets

Other referencesEdit

antigrav unitargonbridgeChristianityclubcoffeecommunicatordaggerDanadeflectordemondisruptorDNAdolldreadnoughtDroviddruidfireGehennaglassesHavocheavy cruiserHullam'garimpulseIragaklegatlibrary computerlifepodmagicmassmethanemorguemossMuscari IncidentmythologynitrogenOk'Sanoxygenphaserphoton torpedoplasmaplutoniumradiationred alertsensorshieldssickbayskullShusharashuttlecraftspace sicknessspinal cordspinestrawswordTam o' Shantertoparinetractor beamtranslatortransportertricordertunicturboliftVergoVergobretosVergozenvoodoowitchyeoman


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