In an alternate reality, the flight ring was a technological device, a ring worn on one finger that projects an anti-gravity field around the wearer, allowing for individual flight. Specific to the reality of the Legion of Super-Heroes, the flight ring was a product of advanced engineering knowledge of the 31st century United Planets.

After a time bubble accident, a party of time traveling Legionnaires—Reep Daggle, Imra Ardeen, Garth Ranzz, Rokk Krinn, Querl Dox and Tasmia Mallor—found themselves on Earth in the 23rd century of another reality where an Imperial Planets organization ruled Earth. When the Legionnaires ventured out from their wrecked vehicle, they were encountered by a mob of panicked onlookers who began to attack. The Legionnaires escaped the mob using their flight rings, leading Reep to appreciate that the technology had not failed during their crash. Daggle remembered a recent occasion where they weren't so fortunate, as the rings had been knocked out of commission. (TOS - Legion of Super-Heroes comics: "Issue 1", "Issue 2")

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