The Followers were a group that existed within Garidian society. They were the disciples of the Lawgiver Avatrunei during the early formations of modern civilization on Garid.

The Lawgiver with his followers were soon opposed by the Patrician class who attempted to stop his writing of the Fifth Scroll. These actions made the Lawgiver to leave Garid with his Followers. They left in five space ships to start their own colony. No trace of them were ever found and their story took on mythic proportions in later centuries.

A thousand years ago, the Lawgiver and the Followers had traveled to the planet Frigis where they settled and made into their colony. While the Lawgiver was alive, his disciples began to disagree over the interpretation of his teachings. They each made a copy of the Fifth Scroll that emphasized their own particular biases over all the others. Disciples such as Barinom, Plegu and Ifnik created their own religious sects. Disgusted with them, the Lawgiver hid his manuscript, vowing that no one would find it until the sects learned to cooperate. He said that he left the keys to its location with each of the sects.

Instead of cooperating, eventually the sects formalized their competition into the Declaratory.

By the 24th century the descendants of the Followers had created an isolated and secretive society, divided by these sects. (TNG video game: A Final Unity)

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