The Enterprise is sent to assist the ECS Fortunate, an Earth freighter that has been attacked by Nausicaan pirates. But the Fortunate may not be as innocent as it seems.



Main CharactersEdit

Guest CharactersEdit

  • Lawrence Monoson as Matthew Ryan
  • Kieran Mulroney as Shaw
  • Vaughn Armstrong as Maxwell Forrest
  • Danny Goldring as Nausicaan Captain
  • Charles O. Lucia as Captain Keene
  • D. Elliot Woods as Nausicaan Prisoner
  • Daniel Asa Henson as Boy
  • Elyssa D. Vito as Nadine/Girl


able crewman | Archer's Comet | away team | bioscan | chef | dilithium | dilithium ore | Draylax | Draylaxian whiskey | Earth | football | Fortunate, ECS | Horizon, ECS | hydroponics | ice cream | J class freighter | Jupiter Station | meatloaf | Nausicaa | Nausicaan | Nausicaan pirate ship | North Star, ECS | NX-class | nutri-pak | plasma cannon | quartermaster | Starfleet Command | steak | subspace amplifier | Teneebian skunk | transporter | Vega colony | Y class

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