The Forum-class colony hub is prime component of a Romulan colony.

The Forum colonial hub serves a role both functionally and symbolically. Its role being similar to the role of a starship bridge, being that its the coordination centre for the colony. While symbolically it inspires the people of the Romulan Star Empire and a proud statement for Romulan colonialism.

The first phase of the structure is much larger then its Federation and Romulan equivalents. The high pyramidal towers are needlessly complicated which increases the cost in constructing the colonial hub. The message this conveys to others is that the Romulan people are committed to making a base on a planet and are intent on staying with the amount of resources they put into making the structure.

While it appears as a graceful building, it is also quite functional by providing a limited amount of power for the developing colony. As the structure continues to develop into phase two, it becomes even more grand and impressive by the introduction of an internal tower. Further shields, power and computer systems are added this point which enhance the performance of this facility which are linked directly to the main control centre at the apex of the pyramid. In its final third stage, a secondary tower is added to the structure. (TOS video game: New Worlds)

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